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It is often that we ask ourselves the question how to repair a leak under the sink ? A water leak under the kitchen sink is mostly invisible because it is hidden behind furniture. Yet, if the leak goes undetected, over time it can become a costly problem due to the water damage it can create on your furniture and seep into your downstairs neighbor’s apartment. Structural damage caused by a water leak under the sink is not always covered by your insurance if you do not follow the safety instructions and preventive measures provided for in your insurance contract .

Call a professional plumber to repair a leak at the level of a cold or hot water inlet under the sink to avoid overconsumption which consequently increases the water bill. A good plumber will provide you with a water leak repair certificate which can be used to ask your water supplier for compensation if your consumption has exceeded twice the usual amount.

A sink leak detected in good time can save you from getting worse. This is why it is important to monitor from time to time what is happening under your sink, because if you quickly identify the leak it is not too complicated to troubleshoot.

Since we know the importance of having a working kitchen sink in the house and the fact that a leak under the sink is very unpleasant because it prevents you from accomplishing your daily needs like washing your dishes or your fruits and vegetables, this guide is therefore available to you in order to explain how to repair a leak under the sink by showing you the easy method. These plumbing tips will help you solve your under sink problems.

Why is my sink leaking?

Some under-sink leaks are obvious and therefore cannot be ignored. Periodically inspecting your kitchen sink gives you the opportunity to monitor what’s going on underneath. When you see water under your feet right in front of your kitchen sink, you know there’s a problem right away. The difficulty comes when trying to locate the leak, which can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look.

How to identify and locate a water leak under the sink?

If you notice a constant jet of water, in this case, the leak is located at the level of a flexible faucet or at the level of a cold or hot water supply pipe to your sink. Generally we speak of a leak on a pierced pipe.

On the other hand, if it is a micro leak and you notice there what is called drip, then you must cut off the main water, wipe the drain and the water tubes. Then take a piece of paper towel and pass your hand around the drain, the siphon, the PVC drain, the copper or PER pipe fittings that bring cold and hot water, the fittings of a hose of faucet. At each check on each element, you must check if there are traces of humidity on your paper towel. The wet marks on the paper will tell you where the leak is.

How to fix a leak under the kitchen sink?

Once you have identified the location of your leak under the sink, you need to troubleshoot it. If you’re wondering how to fix a water leak under the sink, the step-by-step instructions below will help you get your hands dirty.

How to repair a leak under the sink at the level of a siphon?

A brass or plastic sink trap is used to prevent odors from coming up from the drain into the kitchen room. It is made up of several elements which are assembled using nuts and 3 seals (a conical seal, a flat seal, an O-ring) . Generally, you won’t need much to repair a sink trap leak.

A leak on the sink trap can be located either at the level of the lower collar nut which makes the junction with the PVC drain pipe, or at the level of the upper collar nut which makes the connection. junction of the siphon with the drain, i.e. at the base.

How to repair a leak under the sink at a siphon step by step?

Drains are usually sealed with a gasket to prevent them from leaking, but this gasket can lose its seal over time. If so, you will only need to replace the gasket to fix the leak. You can also tighten the nuts where the pipes meet to stop the leak, especially if a pipe is leaking under the kitchen sink.

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