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Leather couches bring comfort and a hint of elegance to any house. They are fashionable and long-lasting. However, it’s crucial to shield them from normal wear and tear if you want them to continue looking their best. With the correct upkeep and care, your leather sofa may last for many years and be in great shape. Here are some practical methods to shield your leather couch from deterioration, whether you want to employ leather sofa cleaning in Singapore or take care of it yourself.

Frequent Upkeep and Cleaning

Frequent cleaning is essential to keeping your leather couch free of dust and debris buildup, which can cause degradation and damage. Once a week, use a gentle, dry cloth to dust the sofa to get rid of surface debris. To clean the seams and crevices where dust likes to accumulate, use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush attachment. This regimen keeps dirt from causing harm and preserves the sofa’s beauty.

Conditioning the Leather

Maintaining moisture levels in leather is essential to keep it from drying out and breaking. Every six to twelve months, use a premium leather conditioner to keep the leather moisturised and supple. Always use the conditioner recommended by the manufacturer and pick one that is appropriate for the sort of leather you have. The leather will absorb the conditioner more evenly if you apply it with a delicate cloth in moderate circular motions.

Steer Clear of Direct Sunlight

Leather may dry out and fade when exposed to direct sunlight. To keep your sofa safe, put it away from windows and cover it with blinds and drapes. If relocating the couch isn’t an option, consider using a UV-protective spray to lessen the damage that sunshine does to the leather.

Protection from Heat Sources

Heat may also harm leather by drying it out and producing cracks. Your leather sofa should be at least 30 cm from heat sources, including vents, fireplaces, and radiators. This spacing guards against heat damage and preserves the leather’s natural moisture content.

Using Protective Accessories

Slipcovers and throws can effectively shield your leather sofa from spills, stains, and ordinary wear and tear. They are particularly helpful in households with kids or pets. Slipcovers are a practical way to keep your couch clean because they are simple to remove and wash. Select slipcovers that go well with your interior design and are convenient for machine washing.

Rotation of the Cushion

Regularly rotating and flipping the cushions guarantees uniform wear and keeps some parts from being unduly squeezed. This easy procedure prolongs the life of the couch by preserving its comfort and form.

Handling Spills and Stains Quickly

Accidents happen, but spills don’t have to become permanent stains if you respond quickly. As soon as possible, blot any spilt liquid with a fresh, dry towel to absorb as much as possible. Removing the stain by not rubbing can help it become more embedded in the leather. Use a moist cloth soaked in a mild soap solution to remove very tough stains, and then thoroughly dry the area with another clean towel.

Taking Care of Scrapes and Scratches

Using a clean, dry cloth to polish the area gently may typically solve minor scratches and scuffs. Sometimes, the natural oils in your skin will help the scratch blend in with the surrounding leather. If the scratches are deeper, you might want to use a leather repair kit, which comes with materials to fill and colour the damaged area.

Professional Cleaners

Professional leather couch cleaning may offer a deeper clean and handle more serious wear and tear, even if routine at-home care is still necessary. Professional cleaners can clean and condition your couch without causing harm since they have the knowledge and specialist materials needed. To preserve the lifespan and aesthetic appeal of your leather couch, try to get it professionally cleaned once a year.


Regular cleaning, conditioning, and preventative measures are all necessary to protect your leather couch from wear and strain. By paying attention to these pointers, you can ensure that your leather couch has been a fashionable and cosy focal point in your house for many years. With proper maintenance, your leather sofa’s classic style and long lifespan will continue to enhance your living area.

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