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Do you need an ergonomic and design space to work at home but do not have a specific room that can accommodate a desk? This is not a problem. How to set up an office in your living room while maintaining a modern or contemporary atmosphere and in keeping with the furniture and decoration of this living room.

Arranging an office in a living room is easier than you think:

Are you afraid that your living room is too small or that you have to part with some bulky furniture such as your sofa  or your coffee table to set up an office? Think again ! Even a small living room can easily accommodate a comfortable office area without pushing the walls.

Designer furniture specialists have understood this well; a small space requires maximum ergonomics and must be able to be arranged intelligently in order to meet the comfort needs of the inhabitants.

If a large living room can quite allow you to opt for a large desk, a small living -dining room can also accommodate a small, more practical model such as a folding desk. This type of desk will be ideal for occasional use and will be able to accommodate a laptop and some mail.

Of course, and if you work from home and spend a lot of time at your desk, it will be better to choose a larger model with a standard size of 160 x 180 cm including storage and an office chair.

Whatever the size and constraints of your living room, some adjustments will be necessary to create your office area.

The ideal place to place a desk in a living room:

The choice of the location of your future office will of course depend above all on your personal tastes but also on the possibilities offered by your living room space.

Ideally, avoid positioning your desk with its back to a door or in a place of passage at the risk of being disturbed by comings and goings. We will also make sure to distinguish the spaces as much as possible by avoiding placing your desk in direct proximity to the sofa or the TV stand .

Brightness is very important to work efficiently, so use a location that has daylight without natural light interfering with your screen visibility.

If it can be tempting, to save space, to place your desk against a wall, this solution will be uncomfortable. You will also need to ensure that one or more electrical outlets are near your desk.

Hiding or isolating an office in a living room:

For the lucky ones who benefit from a large living room, it is possible to isolate the office area in order to benefit from a space entirely dedicated to work and concentration.

Without having to carry out expensive work, you can easily make some practical arrangements by using a bookcase , a plant partition or a screen to create a space isolated from the rest of the living room.

In addition to its advantages in terms of design, a bookcase or a large storage unit will have a significant practical aspect. You can indeed store your office things like your reams of paper, place a printer or other computer equipment there while creating an interesting visual and sound insulation.

Think about storage furniture for an office in the living room:

Most modern offices today incorporate storage such as shelves or drawers, but others offer a more refined style and do not include any element to organize the workspace.

However, you can make up for this lack by using the spaces under and above the desk. Boxes on casters can be placed under the top while leaving the necessary space for your legs.

A wall shelf can also be used to place some accessories within easy reach. Of course and for this, you must make sure you have chosen the right location for your office because you will have to drill the walls in this place.

Choose the ideal office model for a living room:

It goes without saying that the style of the office that you are going to install in your living room must correspond to the style and the general atmosphere of your living room in order to maintain a certain harmony.

If your living room is classic, modern, design or Scandinavian, you will therefore need to look for a desk that will blend in with the decor while ensuring that this piece of furniture will make you want to work.

If your living room furniture is contemporary in style, why not opt ​​for a desk with a glass top or a raw wood desk that will add character to your room and not visually clutter it.

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