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With an icy refreshment in hand and the sun on your face, this is the ideal sun lounger position. Only ruined by annoying clouds, precipitation, and damage to your cherished furnishings. We cannot control the weather, but we can assist you in maintaining your sun lounger in pristine condition throughout the year. Prepared for extended summer days spent basking in the sun.

Wooden material

Hardwood furniture is as durable as its name implies and can be left outdoors year-round, but that does not mean it does not require care. At least once per year, a damp cloth or soft-bristled brush will suffice for its cleansing.

Maintain its natural colour by applying a wood treatment or purchasing covers to shield it from the elements.

Metal material

Most of these are protected against corrosion by their paint but will still require maintenance to remain shiny and new. Choose a cloth with a gentle dish detergent, rinse off any soap residue, and then dry it adequately. Consider applying high-quality, transparent automotive wax at least once a year as an additional precaution. It will significantly increase the longevity of your metal furnishings.

As a result of games, boisterous activities, or accidents, paint flecks on metallic materials are possible. In the event that damage occurs, sand the afflicted area and apply a thin layer of touch-up paint to restore it.

Wicker material

Wicker is a staple in most garden settings; it always appears and feels very summery. Keep it in pristine condition by washing it annually without the cushions. Warm water filled with soap and a soft cloth are the standard instruments for removing dirt after removing fallen leaves and debris. Rinse the detergent water away and allow it to dry.

If your sun lounger is made of synthetic rattan, it can be left outside year-round (sans cushions), but you may wish to invest in a protective cover. It will prevent UV damage and direct water

away from the structure.

Cushion concern

It’s not a sun lounger without comfortable cushioning, so pay as much attention to them as you do to the furniture itself. Even before the weather becomes a factor, repeated use, BBQ hands, and the possibility of spillage all have a negative impact. Protect them using a fabric cleaner and protector. You don’t have those with you? Warm water and a cloth should be sufficient for the cleansing process. Remember to first remove the inner lining.

Parasol maintenance

When the sun becomes too intense, a parasol is your greatest ally, so take good care of it. Avoid leaving them in a parasol opening when they are not in use. Remember to fold it and store it in a dry location when not in use.

Remove the fabric from its limbs and wipe it down with a sponge or cloth dampened with a mild soap solution to clean the frame. Ready to dry? Simply return it to its frame and allow the sun or fresh air to do the rest.

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