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The overall renovation of a dwelling makes it possible to reduce its energy consumption. It’s about reducing heat loss to make your home greener and lower your energy bills. How do you do it when you don’t know anything about it? What are the steps to follow? Where to turn? What help is available to you? Monexpert takes stock.

Renovating your house, the main steps

Renovation work , to be effective, must be done in a certain order . You have to start by carrying out an energy audit and then start the construction site .

Heat balance: essential

Each accommodation has its particularities. In order to know which are the priority sites, it is necessary to carry out a heat balance . This energy audit highlights the thermal bridges in your home. The thermal studies office will tell you what work operations to carry out. The indoor air is renewed in this way and the humidity is eliminated. In this way, the formation of condensation and mold is prevented .

We can make a parallel with a pot of water on the fire. To optimize cooking, start by covering it to limit heat loss. Then, we adapt the power of the fire. Finally, the hood is turned on more or less strongly to ventilate.

The works represent an investment. It will therefore be necessary to carefully compare the quotes to find the companies with the best quality / price ratio. Consider looking at:

Because yes! To reduce the budget for your work, you can call on energy renovation aid such as the Premium Energy Monexpert or MaPrimeRénov’ .

Combine MaPrimeRénov’ and the Monexpert Energy Bonus to reduce the cost of your work! For the accumulation to be valid, you will have to start by requesting the Monexpert Energy Bonus, so get started

Who to contact to renovate your house?

Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) professionals are building craftsmen who have state certification. These contractors demonstrate great skills in energy renovation . This is why, to benefit from most renovation aid, you will have to go through an RGE professional.

The France Rénov’ network

Set up by the state, the France Rénov’ network is a platform that lists all the information on energy renovation. France Rénov’ advisors can tell you:

To contact France Rénov’ you can call 0 808 800 700 or go to one of the  450 France Rénov’ Advice Centres.

EWC operators

The CEE operators ( Energy Saving Certificates ) are the entities that pay the Energy Premium, such as Monexpert, for example. Specialists in renovation work, they can help households to:

Wanting to do the work yourself

If it seems at first sight economical, know that it is not advisable to carry out the work by yourself. Indeed, the insulation of the attic , the change of a boiler or the installation of a double flow VMC require specific skills

By carrying out the work yourself, you run the risk of installing the insulation or equipment incorrectly . The promised energy savings will not be there. In addition, if you cause damage to your home, you will not be insured. Conversely, a professional has a ten-year guarantee. The work and resulting damage are covered by the insurance for a period of 10 years after the end of the construction site.

Buy the material on your own

It is better to entrust the craftsman with the purchase of materials and equipment. Indeed, the latter has a VAT works at 5.5% instead of 20% on the acquisition of equipment .

On the other hand, artisans are often used to working with certain brands or materials. The professional will be more comfortable with materials that he handles regularly. The quality of the work will only be better!

Sign the quotes before asking for help

Once the validation obtained, you can start the construction site. At the end of the work, with the final invoices, you will be able to complete the file and receive your aid.

Only Monexpert examines your quotes to guarantee work and performance eligible for aid!

Give in to canvassing

Telephone canvassing on energy renovation work is prohibited by law. If ever someone calls you about this, you will have to hang up. This is most likely an energy renovation scam.

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