renovate a house

Step 1: Determine what type of work

It is first of all essential when you buy a house to renovate or when you want to give a boost to yours, to determine what type of renovation is necessary. Indeed, the renovation can be considered only as partial, that is to say not to touch the building of your house and to be only so-called superficial work. Among them, the layers of paint, the layout of your interior or the coating of your floors

However, heavier work will be qualified as structural work and will be carried out as part of a more comprehensive renovation . This is work relating to the structural elements of your house, the roof, the frame or the walls.

Finally, it will be necessary to note if the work envisaged only affects the interior of your house, or if it is a renovation also impacting the exterior of it.

Step 2: Make an inventory of the existing situation

Once the extent of the renovation has been determined, it is important to be able to take stock of your home in its existing state. Indeed, renovating an old house or renovating a stone house will not require the same materials or the same work. It is therefore necessary to adapt your renovation to the existing elements of your house.

Step 3: Define your budget

Regarding the budget to renovate a house , it depends on the materials chosen, the type of renovation envisaged or even aid to renovate a house , but in general, it is necessary to count around 1,000 euros / m2 with a margin of 10 to 15% of your budget in case of contingencies during the works. As part of an energy renovation, your budget can be reduced with the energy bonus .

Step 4: Choose your materials

In addition, before starting your work and according to the budget that you have previously defined, you can choose the materials for your renovation. When choosing products, you will have to take into account your budget on the one hand, but also the quality of the materials selected.

Step 5: Choose your service providers

To find out who to call on to renovate a house , do not hesitate to contact an intermediary company that will put you in touch with various professionals according to your request and your budget. Although using a professional is not mandatory, it is true that to know exactly which tools are essential for the renovation of a house , it can be a rather effective solution.

Be aware, however, that calling on a service provider is not mandatory unless the work affects electrical or plumbing systems, the handling of which is reserved exclusively for qualified persons. You can therefore also carry out the work yourself in order to save money, but you must ensure that this does not alter the established calendar planning of your site. If you undertake an energy renovation, be careful about the choice of craftsmen: they must be stamped RGE. Also find out about the work eligible for Ma Prime Renov to be sure you can benefit from this state aid.

Step 6: Plan your site

In order to define how long the renovation of a house takes , it is important to take into account all the data listed above, from the type of work to the choice of using professionals. This will allow you to set the schedule and accurately plan the progress of the work. It will still be necessary to keep a certain flexibility in your forecasts in the event of a hazard or delay on the site .

Step 7: Check legal obligations

In land , administration and legislation have a prominent place. Impossible to ignore! Before starting the renovation work on your home, you will also need to make sure you have all the necessary administrative authorizations. Indeed, your land may be subject to a local urban plan (PLU) and in this case, you will need municipal authorizations to proceed with the work. Also pay attention to certain specific labels which, to be eligible, must meet specific performance criteria. This is the case for example of the bioclimatic house , the BBC houseor passive house. If you undertake renovation work on labeled houses, carefully consult the performance criteria, so as not to take the risk of losing your label if you undertake excessive work.

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