Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

A waterproof plywood kitchen can make as much of a style statement to the house as any other current form. Modern trends show a variety of kitchen ideas which can transform the look of the kitchen. Waterproof plywood has been the preferred medium by all significant designers for the reasons below.

Why should you choose waterproof plywood?

Waterproof plywood is the safest and the best option for kitchen implementations. With high exposure to heat and moisture, only the best quality is fit to form kitchen cabinets. Century Ply offers such plywood with traits seen below:

  • Long-lasting implementation
  • Inexpensive
  • Zero wear and tear
  • Temperature endurance

Here is a list of five modern kitchen ideas which will transform the look of your kitchen using waterproof plywood:

1. Integrated appliances with woody exteriors

The most significant trend in the kitchen world is giving kitchen appliances like the refrigerator and the oven an exterior which matches the surrounding shelves. The devices are essentially camouflaged, giving the kitchen a smooth texture flow. The appliance’s design matching the kitchen will not be a worry with this implemented in your kitchen, and it gives the kitchen a classy finish.

With original woodwork on the rise, choosing a modular wooden kitchen with integrated oven and fridge spaces has been expected. Interior designers recommend this kitchen for its affordability, aesthetic and sleek finish, which becomes a highlight of the house.

2. Open wooden racks

Wooden racks built with plywood sheets are a great example of a simple idea giving a classy look. Open racks with cutlery on display nail the brief of a modern kitchen. Clients looking to design a rustic kitchen with a modern twist go for this finish.

Easy accessibility of kitchenware, easy cleaning and durability is ensured with the implementation of open racks. Good quality waterproof plywood offered by CenturyPly is a great option to implement this in your kitchen!

3. Matt finished the cabinets and drawers.

While a glossy finish was new and exciting a few years ago, with the resurgence of good quality matt finish wood sheets, matt kitchens have been rising. A matt finish is not too flashy and is eye-pleasing. It has excellent potential for designs with a variety of colours.

Matt finishes are a kitchen designer’s dream, requiring a lower effort and various designs and patterns. The kitchen is less likely to wear off its shine and is sure to last longer, retaining its details. A designer uses common ideas like switching colours among drawers and using different palette shades for various kitchen modules.

4. Wine rack shelf

A component found in every modern kitchen is a wine rack shelf. Waterproof Plywood is exclusively used to implement this idea in every kitchen with a wooden theme. Sleek, grand and classy, this small rack can change the whole look of the kitchen.

Designers can implement a clean finish for sharp edges and a nice varnish only with the best-quality wood sheets. These are available with CenturyPly, which houses various options for all your kitchen needs. Their wood quality ensures durability and finesse in all kitchen components.

5. Island kitchen counter

A kitchen counter which is separate from the main counter as a whole is called an island counter. This counter can form a great design statement with a waterproof plywood kitchen. A change in texture or colour are ways to bring attention to this one-off counter.

This island counter can serve as a cereal bar table or a cutting station. With open kitchens forming a majority today, an island counter near a wall provides more structure to the kitchen space. More storage space is a plus. Plywood work on these counters can form a centrepiece of the whole kitchen, elevating its look.


With a resurgence of rustic looks, the demand for quality plywood has increased, now more than ever CenturyPly promises excellent quality waterproof plywood with an array of designs for all your kitchen needs. They are the leading pioneers of wood and have a reputation for delivering premium quality, durable plywood. With thousands of kitchens built entirely with CenturyPly’s materials, it is safe to say that many families trust them for their kitchen needs. So, if you’re looking to transform the look of your kitchen, look no further than CenturyPly!

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