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How to clean your roof?

Over time and if you’re lucky enough to have some greenery around your home, you’ve probably noticed the appearance of moss on your roof . Apart from the foam, you may also have noticed the appearance of black marks due to soot or smoke if you use a wood heating solution. Rain won’t help clean your roof. A roof is like a car, it requires a good cleaning from time to time.

Cleaning with a karcher is a rather delicate task, especially on a tiled roof . Indeed the jet of the karcher can very quickly damage the tiles.

High -pressure cleaning can very quickly damage your roof. The risk of damaging the tile or making it porous is therefore high.

Remember also that a simple karcher on your roof will have a temporary effect on the appearance of the roof , but will in no way protect against the reappearance of moss.

Brush and bleach cleaning for a roof

Here again the technique is quite mixed. The bleach will indeed allow you to remove the moss from the roof effectively, but the application of this product is not without consequences. Bleach can make tiles porous. Moreover, the evacuation of such a chemical product in the gutters is dangerous. If your gutters evacuate the water in your pipes, it is not a very good gesture for the ecology and if the bleach comes into contact with the soil

Conclusion If you opt for cleaning the roof with a brush, it is better to choose a neutral product suitable for roof maintenance .

Anti moss and water repellent: how to choose your maintenance product for a roof?

If you apply an anti-moss solution and a water-repellent treatment, you will be guaranteed to ensure a moss-free roof for a long time and your roof will be protected against humidity and the effect of porosity.

Not all antifoam products are created equal, both in price and process. While some products apply to the roof and then require rinsing, others apply without rinsing. This is the case of a slow-acting defoamer that acts on your roof without the need to use a karcher or a water jet for cleaning. The action will not be immediate but with the effect of the rain, the moss will gradually disappear from your roof.

Note that for this solution as for all solutions for treating your roof , it is necessary to avoid carrying out maintenance during the rainy season as much as possible. Make sure you have two or three days without rain to carry out your treatment. Also avoid extreme heat, part of the product may evaporate quickly and the working conditions will be difficult.

Water repellent solutions

The water-repellent product serves as an anti-humidity treatment . It will fight against water infiltration and moisture problems that some roofs may encounter.

The water-repellent solution is applied by brush or by spraying. Several coats should be applied to the surface to be treated. The treated roofing material will absorb the product. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the material of your roof can withstand this treatment.

Some tiles are too fragile for this kind of treatment and the product may cause a porosity effect. It is therefore best to follow the advice of your roofer or shop assistant.

In this regard, pay attention to the anti foam that you buy. Some defoamers are 2 in 1 and include a water repellent . This type of 2 in 1 product can therefore be recommended in some cases but not in others.

Regarding the choice of product, difficult to give you a product name or a particular solution. The best thing is to trust your roofer who will make the right decision according to your roof. If you clean your roof yourself, ask for advice in store.

Clean black streaks on a roof

There may be black marks on your roof due to an evacuation or a chimney outlet. These traces are difficult to remove. In some cases the karcher will do the trick. In others, you will need products specially adapted for this type of case.

By laying copper wires stretched flush with the tiles, at the very top of the roof, we avoid the return of mosses and lichen . Rainwater oxidizes copper, this oxidation that emanates from copper is a formidable weapon to prevent the appearance of moss or lichen.

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