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Have you just bought a piece of land to build your house on and are you thinking about landscaping your exterior? Indeed, it is essential that your exterior pleases you and reflects your image! In this context, Habitbois offers you some tips for decorating your garden with taste.

Imagine a structure for your garden

Are you about to landscape your garden? In this case, you must take some time to define the structure of the latter. In other words, this phase consists of dividing your exterior into several very distinct spaces. Each space will then have a function.

For example, you can provide a lounge area with armchairs, benches and a coffee table. At the same time, you can imagine a play area for your children with a trampoline, a swing or other facilities. Likewise, you may want a pool area , which should then be clearly identified from the outset.

In this way, cut your garden according to your desires and needs. In addition to the examples cited, you can also provide a vegetable patch, a relaxation area, etc.

Arrange your garden according to a style

Arranging your garden with taste is not necessarily easy. Indeed, as you have understood, this requires a minimum of reflection. After having structured your outdoor space , we then advise you to decide on a style. A clear and followed choice will bring consistency to your garden. Thus, the result can be simply breathtaking.

As you probably know, there are several garden styles. For example, you can opt for a modern garden, a French garden, an English garden or even a Japanese garden.

modern garden

Do you want a modern garden? Beyond having a space divided into several functional zones, this alternative allows a marriage between very structured plants and other more flexible and light. Thus, you can associate boxwood balls, ornamental garlic with Stipa, Mulhenbergia capillaris or even lavender or hydrangeas.

Then you can play on the textures by combining several materials in your garden. For example, at walkway level, it is possible to have concrete slabs with grassed joints. Instead of grass, gravel can also do the trick.

French garden

Do you like French gardens? Even if its outdoor space is relatively limited, it is still possible to arrange its garden according to this style. For this purpose, you will have to imagine a garden with geometric looks. To do this, you can combine flowers, plants, a small pond or water point and a well-mowed lawn.

Namely, a French garden can bring real charm to your property. However, note that this style requires relatively substantial maintenance, especially at the waist.

English garden

Next to it, an English garden embodies a “wild” garden, even if in reality, such a garden must also be thought out upstream. Unlike the French garden, the English style gives pride of place to curved lines with perennials, roses or well-chosen shrubs. For information, whatever the size of your land, you can opt for this style.

Japanese garden

Finally, the Japanese garden is a fourth way, likely to bring a real change of scenery. Even if you have a small plot, you can perfectly opt for the Japanese style. On the other hand, this requires a millimeter layout and without false note. To have a dazzling result, it is then necessary to choose the plants, the flowers and the decorative elements with the greatest care.

Think about lights

To arrange your garden with care, it is important to think about lighting. In this case, lighting your garden first and foremost pursues a safety objective. Indeed, a well-lit exterior avoids walking blind once night falls.

That said, the lighting of your garden can also be thought of with a view to decoration. In this case, judicious choices can lead to a sublime exterior after dark.

Landscaping your garden with a landscaper

As for the construction of your house, you can be accompanied in relation to the layout of your garden. In this case, you are probably not a landscaper. And decorating your exterior with taste can thus prove to be complicated. To be certain of the result, it is probably better to contact a professional in the sector, who can advise you and create the garden of your dreams.

In addition to helping you with the various choices of materials and plants, a landscaper can also take care of the operational phase. If you work and have little time, this will probably be the solution to choose.

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